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What you Could Do During COVID-19: Social Media Marketing.

Despite what you may think and the difficulty with which we say this:

The more you invest in your social media and digital marketing systems and processes, the faster your business will regenerate and even maybe grow some during this COVID-19 times.

#1. Use available digital options, emails, skype, zoom, social media posts:

  • Let your existing customers know what else they can do to stay positive and also served.

  • Try to keep your staff, even if it’s on a reduced wage, if possible. Now is not the time to give someone the boot, when the whole world is on its knees. If anything, encourage them to increase their skills online in this low business season, so they have a better chance of keeping their job.

  • Communicate on how you will be communicating with clients, suppliers, staff going forward.

#2. We believe that those businesses and organizations that keep a professional Social Media and Digital presence will survive. If you have a social media strategy or digital strategy in place, do go right ahead and put it to work. You might tweak it a bit, but keep it going.

#3. If you Don’t have a Website, this is a great time to get one. Don’t get any old website done, you need to be able to get your staff working remotely and also serve your clients/customers who are all Online NOW!

#4. Do you have a website? Then, now is the time to re-brand, spice it up. It is the time to get your website Search Engine Optimized – SEO and get some website marketing started. Build brand awareness so that you have clients on wait-list when these tough times pass.

#5. Outsourcing some of your digital and social media tasks is a great way to help maintain business. This helps save you TIME having to do this work yourself & MONEY from the expense of hiring a full-time employee to get what you need to be DONE.

In other words, we suggest that you maintain and keep your marketing structures and processes operational. Especially stay on top of or get professional help with your; Social Media Marketing and Website marketing.


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